Waller ISD Registration Information for New Students

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    Welcome new families and new students to Waller ISD!!  Please contact your designated campus to set up a time to register your child.  If you do not know which campus your child is zoned too, please contact the Transportation Department at (936) 372-2116 to provide them your residence address. 

    All parents/guardians must complete an online application to register for enrollment of new students.

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    To register a new student, please follow the steps below:

    • STEP 1 - Complete the New Student Enrollment Online Application. You may complete the online registration application from a remote location such as from home, library, or a location with Internet connectivity. Please note that an email account is required to begin the application process

    • STEP 2 - Complete the second step of the registration process during the Waller ISD New Student Registration Days. This portion of the process includes providing proof of residency and other required registration documents.

    Need help with the online tools? Use these resources:
    Step-by-step online registration guide: English | Spanish 

    Online Registration Links

    1. New families apply here to create an account with Waller ISD and obtain a password. (Go to step 3 if your family has enrolled in the past.)
    2. Start the Registration Application here if you already have the 5 digit number sent to you by email in the first step.
    3. Start the Registration Application with your Family Access login and password if your family is currently enrolled or has enrolled in Waller ISD in the past. (If you are unable to access your account by using the Forgot your Password link please call the campus registrar for assistance)

    A parent or legal guardian must bring required documentation and be present to register the student. 

    The parent/guardian must provide a state issued i.d. card (driver’s license), the student’s birth certificate, social security card, and current immunization records. Residency documents must be in the parent/guardian’s name.

    Campus registrar contact information:

    • Waller High School: 936-372-3654 - Nancy Longo/Jennifer Ramirez
    • Waller Junior High: 936-931-1353 - Lorri DeAngelo
    • W.C. Schultz Junior High: 936-931-9103 - Lisa Glueck
    • Fields Store Elementary: 936-931-4050 - Lynnelle Preuss
    • Roberts Road Elementary: 936-931-0300 - Griselda Rivera
    • E. Turlington Elementary: 936-372-0100 - Darralyn Jessie
    • H.T. Jones Elementary: 936-372-4200 - Christie Celaya
    • I.T. Holleman Elementary: 936-372-9196 - Carol Ogg