• Intradistrict & Interdistrict Transfers
    Waller Independent School District

    School Bus All students, in PreK through fifth grade, who reside within the geographical boundaries of the Waller Independent School District, will be assigned a “home” campus.  Transportation will be provided for students who attend their “home” campus according to the rules and regulations determined by the Texas Education Agency, the Waller ISD Board of Trustees, and the Waller ISD Transportation Department.  Parents may request a transfer to another elementary school within the district.  The following rules and regulations will be used in approving or denying the transfer requests.

    1. There will be no change to the long-standing practice of accepting and placing school district employees’ children.

    2. Transfers for other students will be considered on a first-come, first-served, “space available” basis.  “Space available” will be determined by examining the projected enrollment of each specific grade level at each campus in terms of the 22:1 pupil/teacher ratio.  For example, if the projected peak enrollment for second grade at Fields Store Elementary were 56 students, then three second grade teachers would be needed.  Since three teachers can teach 66 students, this would leave room for a maximum of 10 intradistrict transfer students without having to hire an additional teacher.  However, since projecting enrollment is an inexact science, and since the district does not wish to hire excess teaching staff, the district would limit the number of intradistrict transfers to something less than 10 (possibly six).  “Space available” will not refer to unused or empty classroom space. Once the intradistrict transfer allocations have been filled, no additional intradistrict transfers will be accepted for that grade at that campus.  Once an intradistrict transfer has been approved, it will be approved without the need for further action until the student withdraws or is promoted to the fifth grade.  The approval of the transfer will also apply to all siblings.  However, the parent retains the option to have the sibling(s) attend their “home” campus.  Transportation to and from the receiving campus will be provided by the parents/guardians.  The district will provide transportation from the receiving school to any day-care facility that is within the attendance boundaries of the receiving campus.  The district will allow any day-care facility that provides its own transportation to deliver and pick up students, using the same guidelines as it is currently doing.

    3. Students who transfer into the district from another district (interdistrict transfers) will be assigned to the elementary campus determined by extending the existing attendance boundaries in the appropriate direction (North, South, East, or West).