District Site-Based Decision Making Committee

  • Waller Independent School District

    Each year Waller ISD (WISD) establishes a District Site-Based Decision-Making Committee (DSBDMC) in compliance with Education Code 11.251. This committee meets 4 times per year to discuss educational goals, class sizes, accountability, calendar, and more.  It serves an advisory role to the Board of Trustees. While all meetings are open to the public, only those designated as committee members are voting members. 

    2023-2024 DSBDMC Interest Form - deadline Monday, Oct. 2
    WISD is currently seeking volunteers who are interested in serving on the DSBDMC during the 2023-2024 school year. From those who express interest, the committee will be composed of voting members as described below under Committee Composition.

    Committee Composition (BQA - Local)

    • Professional Staff
      • Two-thirds classroom teachers
      • One-third campus/district professional staff members
    • Parents
      • At least eight parents of students currently enrolled in the district
    • Community Members
      • At least three community members
    • Business Representatives
      • At least three business representatives

    2023-2024 Meeting Dates & Topics
    All meetings will be held at 4:15 p.m. online via GoogleMeets. Topics to be covered at each meeting include, but are not limited, to those listed below. Note: Meeting information is subject to change; updates will be provided as needed.

    •   Nov. 1, 2023
      • 2023-2024 CIP/DIP Overview
      • Class Size Exceptions Fall 2023 Update
      • Accountability 2023 Update (pending TEA release)
      • School Calendar 2024-2025 Subcommittee

    • Jan. 10, 2024
      • School Calendar 2024-2025 Subcommittee Update
      • Dropout Prevention Review

    • Feb. 7, 2024
      • School Calendar 2024-2025 Recommendation to School Board
      • TEA Expedited Waivers
      • Class Size Exceptions Spring 2024 Update

    • June 4, 2024
      • Review of 2024-2025 Comprehensive Needs Assessment
      • Review of 2024-2025 ESSA Consolidated Application
      • Review of 2024-2025 Parent and Family Engagement Policy
      • Review of 2022-2023 State Compensatory Education (SCE) Evaluation
      • Review of 2024-2025 Professional Development Plan

    Questions? Contact Kelly Baehren, Waller ISD Chief Academic Officer, at kbaehren@wallerisd.net