District Site-Based Decision Making Committee

  • Waller Independent School District

    District Site-Based Decision Making Commitee The Waller ISD District Site-Based Decision Making Committee meets three to four times a year. All meetings are open to the public, and parents and community members are encouraged to participate. If you would like to be a part of this important district committee, call (936) 931-3685. If you would like to be a member of a campus site-based committee, view the schools listing and contact the school principal.

    Texas Senate Bill 1, passed in May 1995, established District Site-Based Decision Making Committees to give support and direction to Campus Site Based Decision Making Committees and to serve as a central gathering and evaluation point for information coming from those Campus Committees.

    Senate Bill 1 also mandated the makeup of all Committees, both at the campus and district level. They were to include superintendents, district and campus staff, principals, teachers, parents, and business and community representatives - all of whom would have an equal vote on decisions made by the Committees.

    Site-Based Decision Making Committees offer more participation opportunities for parents and community members; and the number of different perspectives, experiences, and interests brought to the Committees by such a varied group creates an ideal environment for making the best decisions possible for Waller ISD students.

            Elected professional staff
                  2/3 classroom teachers
                  1/3 other campus and district level professional staff.
            Additional members selected based on local policy
                  Community members
                  Business and industry representatives
                          *There is no ratio in statute addressing the proportion of professional staff versus other members
                            (i.e., parents, community, business representatives)

    Roles and responsibilities

               Staffing patterns
               Staff development
               School organization

               The District SBDMC meets 3-4 times a year to:
                    Discuss the academic performance of the district
                    Approve waivers
                    Approve district proposed calendar
                    Review, propose, and approve content of consolidated Title applications

    Waller ISD Board Policy References:  BQ(LEGAL), BQA(LEGAL), BQA(LOCAL), BQB(LEGAL), BQB(LOCAL)