Drug Testing Policy


    • Selection for testing is random and suspicionless
    • Parents have an opportunity to provide a medical explanation for a positive result after the District is notified
    • Over-the-counter medications do not show up on screenings
    • There are no additional disciplinary consequences as a result of testing positive other than those stated in the policy
    • Results are confidential and protected, to the extent permitted by federal and state law

    Waller ISD is concerned about the academic, physical and emotional well-being of all its students and believes that it has a responsibility to assist teens in dealing with a variety of issues including drug and alcohol use.  As a result, the Waller ISD Board of Trustees unanimously approved a policy to begin drug-testing for students in grades 7-12 who participate in competitive afterschool extracurricular activities, and/or drive a vehicle to and from school.  Any parent or legal guardian of a student who is not involved in competitive afterschool extracurricular activities and/or drives a vehicle to or from school may add their student�s name to the pool for random selection.  Contact the campus administrator for additional details.

    The drug-testing program, which is only one part of a comprehensive drug education program, was developed with four key goals in mind:

    • ensure the health and safety of all students who represent the District in any competitive afterschool extracurricular activities or who drive vehicles to school;
    • deter the use of illegal drugs, performance-enhancing drugs, and/or alcohol among the student body;
    • offer students a credible means to resist peer pressure as it relates to the use of illegal drugs, performance-enhancing drugs, and/or alcohol;
    • provide a ready source of assistance to any student who may be using illegal drugs, performance-enhancing drugs, and/or alcohol. 

    For more information about the drug-testing program, click on the links below.  At the campus level, contact your child�s high school counselor, or grade-level principal. 

    For more information about drug testing in schools or about substance abuse in general, visit the Office of National Drug Control Policy at http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov