Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

  • Mission
    All students will be successful learners and possess the skills necessary to function in the 21st century.

    The district believes that all students can be successful learners and graduate with skills that will allow them to compete in the twenty-first century workplace. It is therefore the intent of the district to serve all students regardless of their ability, environment, or national origin. Students will be provided opportunities to develop intellectually, physically, and socially through a quality system of teaching and learning. Through these opportunities, students will become responsible and productive members of a constantly changing society and world.

    All schools and staff in Waller ISD are committed to positive, supportive interactions with students to ensure that all are successful learners.

    Strategic Goals

    1. WISD will provide a well rounded program of instruction to ensure academic performance and achievement levels that reflect excellence in learning and attainment of both high expectations and high standards for all students. (Student Achievement)
    2. WISD will continue to develop and support systems, programs, instructional standards, professionals, paraprofessionals and volunteers to enhance students' knowledge, skills, and performance in every adopted curriculum area. (Curriculum)
    3. WISD will provide a safe, secure and respectful learning environment for students and staff. (Safety)
    4. WISD will continue to retain, recruit, and acknowledge effective student-centered, highly qualified employees. (Human Resources)
    5. WISD will provide a supportive, professional teaching environment that encourages teaching excellence. (Environment)
    6. WISD will continue state and national leadership in the use of technology in all phases of the educational process. (Technology)
    7. WISD will continue to prioritize two-way communication between Waller ISD and all patrons through all sources available and encourage relationships of trust and mutual support. (Public Relations)
    8. WISD will provide the necessary financial resources for the support of the instructional program through prudent management and fiscal responsibility. (Fiscal and Resource Management)
    9. WISD will provide co-curricular and extracurricular opportunities and programs for students as a means of preparing them for the future. (Enrichment Programs)
    10. WISD will continue to emphasize the educational advantages for students, staff, and community in a diverse environment. (Diversity)

    The Results
    Upon graduation, our students will:

    • Demonstrate general academic knowledge and skills that will allow them to be employable such as reading, writing, mathematical computation, speaking, listening, data manipulation, information processing and retrieval;
    • Exhibit self confidence, self-esteem and flexibility as a learner and as a person;
    • Demonstrate problem-solving, decision-making, and group process skills (teamwork);
    • Demonstrate effective communication skills;
    • Utilize and adapt to technological advances;
    • Demonstrate social, civic, economic, and environmental responsibility by showing ethical behavior in personal life and in the workplace;
    • Demonstrate the ability to identify, set, and pursue short and long goals and maintain a balanced (music, art, drama), safe, and healthy lifestyle;
    • Be a self-directed, life-long learner;
    • Demonstrate second language skills.

    Graduation 2021