• The English Department at Waller High School is committed to the belief that all students deserve a rigorous, challenging, and interesting education. We believe that by reading, discussing and writing about important ideas, our students learn the language arts skills they will need to be successful throughout school and their lives. We aim to instill in students a love of all aspects of English language and literature. Speaking and listening skills are nurtured as we believe that the ability to express themselves effectively in a wide range of situations is an essential skill for life. All pupils are encouraged to act as writers and to regard writing as a source of pleasure. We promote the enjoyment of reading in all its forms, encouraging students to perceive reading as an active quest for meaning and as means for inspiration. 

    The main objectives of the English Department are to encourage a personal appreciation of literature; develop the student’s powers of expression, both in oral and written communication providing opportunity of practice and developing the skills involved in writing/speaking; exploration of literary works from different periods, genres, and styles; study works from other cultures and languages; introduce students to ways of approaching and studying literature; and develop the ability to engage in close, detailed analysis of written text.

    9th and 10th grade students may take Pre-Advanced Placement which are designed for students already reading and writing at an advanced level. In the 11th and 12th grade, students have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement English classes for which they may be eligible to receive college credit if scoring high enough on the College Board Advanced Placement exams. 11th and 12th grade students may also take dual credit classes once they pass the college entrance exam through Lone Star College. These students will receive college credit as well as their high school English credit. For students who are learning English as a Second Language, the English Department provides a course of study in English language development. This series of classes is designed to teach students oral English, reading and writing skills. All English courses are designed to insure that students are meeting graduation requirements as well as being prepared to pass the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness End of Course exams at 9th and 10th grade.