• The Waller High School Mathematics Department strives to encourage and expand young minds to the wonders of Mathematics within our world. Each member of our Mathematics team is experienced in making connections from the abstract concept to the concrete. In combination with rigor and higher order thinking skills throughout the curriculum including calculator/non calculator problems, we endeavor to teach using the four basic characteristics of all mathematical situations: graphic, analytic, numeric, and verbal.

    Our Mathematics Department is divided up into teams (Algebra I, Geometry, Math Models, and Algebra II.)  Each team meets during the summer to make a scope and sequence of its particular course. This plan is directed by looking at last year’s plan, analyzing the data, finding any gaps the gaps in learning, and looking for ways to improve student performance. During the school year, each team meets at least twice a week to discuss lesson plans and the best ways to instruct students on a particular topic. There is a team leader; however, all members of the team share the responsibility of planning and coordinating the week’s lessons, presentations, and any new ideas. We also meet once a month as a department.

    We are a family. We eat together, laugh together, and genuinely care about one another as we care about our students. Team members strive to better themselves through ongoing professional development.