UIL Speech & Debate

  • Purpose of Organization:

    To develop speaking skills, to prepare debate cases and compete with other schools in Extemporaneous speaking, Lincoln-Douglas debate & Cross-Examination debate.

    Waller Debate
    Although our name is Waller Debate, we do compete in all speech and debate events. A commonly misunderstood thing about debate is that if you like to argue then you should be in debate. While argumentative skills are important they are only one part of the picture. A debate student is usually enrolled in PAP, AP, and DC courses. In debate you will work on research skills, writing skills and verbal delivery skills. Another are in this organization is the speech events. Students can compete in anything from Oratory to Dramatic Interpretation.

    Students can also join the National Speech and Debate Association once they reach 25 points. This organization is a honor society for speech and debate. NSDA states that "Speech and debate activities focus on the four core zones of literacy: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Utilizing these skills inside and outside of the classroom teaches students the value of critical thinking, the ability to clearly articulate thoughts and ideas, to answer questions logically with clarity, and to think on one's feet."