Station Teaching

  • When content is not required to be taught in sequential order, station teaching is best utilized.  Station teaching is when co-teaching partners take the instructional content and divide it into segments, where the information is delivered in two or more stations.  Each station will have a diverse group of students, and all students will have the opportunity to rotate from one station to the next.  At the stations students may see manipulatives, graphic organizers, technology, teacher led instruction, independent practice.


    Station teaching is beneficial because it allows flexibility for the teacher to:

    • Create small group activities
    • Respond to individual student needs
    • Answer student questions
    • Provide independent practice
    • Incorporate hands on activities that deepen learning

    The main purpose for station teaching is to decrease student to teacher ratio, and to present targeted instructional content and/or cooperative learning.

    • Both teachers plan for instruction
    • Content is divided by teachers, and students are placed into 3 or more groups
    • The content is taught by each teacher to each individual group
    • One station allows the students the opportunity to work independently in a small group
    • Each student receives instruction from both teachers.

Station Teaching

Station Teaching at a High School Level

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