Parallel Teaching

  • The class is divided in half and each co-teacher leads the instruction for their designated group.  Groups are ideally formed to maximize learning.  Therefore, student’s learning styles are paired with the teacher who has the closest teaching style.  Groups should be flexible and based on student’s individual needs in relation to the standard(s) being taught.


    The main goal for parallel teaching is to decrease student teacher ratio and target student’s instructional needs.

    • Co-teachers plan for instruction
    • Teaching style and learning styles are matched, while the class is divided in half.
    • The same information is taught to both groups
    • Meanwhile, the individual student's needs are met within the group.
    • Supervision of activities and behavior is increased
    • Increased opportunities for students to respond to teacher led instruction
    • Noise level should stay low and not be distracting.
    • Teachers pace instruction accordingly

Parallel Teaching

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