Repetitive Practice

  • Repetition is a great tool teachers can teach to help student’s improve their math skills.  This is an important strategy when teaching math to students who receive special education services.  Repeating and reviewing previous formulas, lessons, and information, is crucial for student’s comprehension.  It also allows the student to comprehend information at a faster rate.

    Keep it Fun!

    When students are exposed to materials more often, the more they are likely to remember it.  Don’t make repetition boring!  Find ways to keep it interesting for students.  Therefore, students can sing songs, answer questions in a notebook, use manipulatives to demonstrate their learning, roll dice to make repetition of basic math facts fun, participate in project based learning, and/or draw pictures to represent various numerical situations.

Using 'Touchpoints' to Count Coins in a First Grade Math Class

Math's All Fun and Games!

Math Anchor Chart

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