Error Monitoring Strategy

  • Purpose:

    The goal of this strategy is to allow students to closely monitor their writing while using proofreading skills to improve their basic writing skills.  Students should become independent with this task, and use it on daily writing assignments.

    Steps in the Error Monitoring Strategy:
    • Compose a draft, writing on every other line.
    • Alternatively, you can choose a story that the student has already composed.
    • Write CUPS at the top of your page, and above each sentence in your story.
    • Read one sentence at a time, noting each component of CUPS in the sentence.
    • Using a colored pencil, check off each component the sentence has.
    • If the sentence is missing a component, do not give that letter a check.
    • Check the spelling in the dictionary, writing folder, etc. for unknown words.
    • Your last resort is to ask your teacher for help.
    • Recopy composition with corrections neatly onto a new piece of paper.
    • Reread the story and proofread.

CUPS: Mnemonic Cues

CUPS Strategy image