• Philosophy

    Advanced Academics in Waller ISD is dedicated to providing quality instruction to meet the needs of advanced students. We recognize that advanced students require differentiation of their curriculum in pace, depth, or complexity to provide an appropriate level of challenge and to allow students to reach their full academic potentials.

    • Students in the advanced program benefit academically and emotionally when given opportunities to develop accelerated, self-directed learning skills; to internalize advanced processing skills; to create original products of relative complexity and sophistication; and to develop effective interpersonal as well as intrapersonal skills related to their abilities.
    • Students need instructional time to work with age peers, to work with intellectual peers, and to work alone in independent study.
    • The Advanced Academics program will challenge and stimulate students to excel as independent, responsible, and contributing members of society.


    Waller ISD Advanced Academics - along with parents, teachers, and administrators - will recognize and support students’ unique academic, social, and emotional needs and enable students to develop to their greatest potentials in both the classroom and community.


    • Provide an advanced curriculum which includes appropriate levels of extension, enrichment, and acceleration to nurture students’ intellectual curiosity
    • Offer a variety of learning opportunities that encourage students to refine their creative and problem-solving skills
    • Establish communication with parents and guardians to create partnerships that promote their children’s social and emotional confidence
    • Provide teacher training in current philosophy and methodology of accelerated education
    • Provide opportunities for students to demonstrate college and career readiness and earn postsecondary credit