• Out-of-District Transfers
    Waller Independent School District

    Families that reside outside the boundaries of Waller ISD may submit an Out-of-District Transfer Form to request student(s) attendance at any campus with an “open” transfer status. If approved, tuition rates apply. Transportation is not provided for transfer students. The following are considered in evaluating out-of district-transfer requests:

    • reason for transfer
    • receiving campus’ enrollment
    • receiving campus’ class size
    • time of the school year (i.e. state testing, end of year, etc.)

    Note for Waller ISD Non-Resident Employees: Tuition is waived for students of Waller ISD employees. Campus employees may transfer their student to their place of employment regardless of the campus’ transfer status. Other employees may transfer their student to any campus with an “open” transfer status. All other rules and regulations apply.

    Out-of-District Transfer Rules & Regulations

    Waller ISD campuses are considered “open” or “closed” to intra-district transfer requests based on space available. A campus’ transfer status may change at any time due to enrollment.


    Out-of-District Transfer Status 
    E. Turlington Elementary Closed
    Fields Store Elementary Open
    H.T. Jones Elementary Open
    I.T. Holleman Elementary Open
    Roberts Road Elementary Open
    W.C. Schultz Junior High  Open
    Waller Junior High  Open
    Waller High School Open

    Contact Chief of Schools Angie Davis at adavis@wallerisd.net or 936.931.3685.