Coming in 2024-2025: New Attendance Zones for Roberts Road & Turlington

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    Waller ISD (WISD) is excited to announce the opening of two new elementary schools in August 2024:

    The opening of these schools will relieve overcrowding at both Roberts Road Elementary (RRE) and Turlington Elementary (TES). This means that the current attendance zones for TES and RRE will be updated for the 2024-2025 school year to include boundaries for LES and MES. The proposed new attendance zones for RRE, TES, LES, and MES are guided by a Population and Survey Analysts Demographic Study completed in summer 2023, and the district’s priority to limit the number of times an elementary student’s attendance zone is changed during their school career. “We have to address attendance zones due to our growth, but we also have to do what’s best for our kids and families. We are strategically planning to limit the number of necessary zoning changes,” WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran said.

    CURRENT (2023-2024) Attendance Zone Maps
    Overview Map - shows main roads - PDF File / PNG File 
    Detail Map - zoom in for street names - PDF File / PNG File 

    PROPOSED (2024-2025) Attendance Zone Maps
    Overview Map - shows main roads - PDF File / PNG File 
    Detail Map - zoom in for street names - PDF File / PNG File

    Before moving forward with planning, WISD wants feedback from the affected RRE and TES families. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about elementary attendance zones are available below. After taking time to carefully review the information here, including the maps linked above and FAQs listed below, RRE and TES families are encouraged to complete the feedback form below by Wednesday, Nov. 15. District officials and the WISD Board of Trustees will seriously consider all feedback submitted via the form. The next steps in planning for the 2024-2025 attendance zones affecting RRE, TES, LES, and MES will be determined based on survey feedback. Note: Attendance zones for Fields Store Elementary, Holleman Elementary, Jones Elementary, Schultz Junior High, Waller Junior High, and Waller High School are not affected. 

    RRE & TES Attendance Boundary Survey & Feedback Form
    Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 15

Frequently Asked Elementary School Zoning Questions

  • Will students who currently attend Roberts Road ES or Turlington ES be grandfathered to finish elementary where they currently attend?

  • Will it be mandatory for children to change schools?

  • Will Turlington Elementary and Roberts Road Elementary be open to in-district transfers after the rezoning?

  • Will teachers be rezoned/moved as well?

  • What was the deciding factor to use Katy Hockley Road as the boundary between Roberts Road Elementary and McReavy Elementary?

  • What is the long-term plan for rezoning when taking into account future schools?

  • How many times are we going to get rezoned?

  • How often will new elementary attendance boundaries be needed?

  • Will the elementary schools offer different programs and opportunities for kids?

  • My child participates in a special program (ex. Dyslexia, Special Education, etc.) at his/her current school. Will that program be offered at his/her new school?

  • Will the new schools be bilingual?

  • Will McReavy Elementary have a morning or after-school program so parents can drop off at 6:30 a.m.?

  • Who do I contact if I would be interested in starting a PTO when my children are rezoned?

  • How do I find information on parent involvement programs for Lowe Elementary?

  • Are there going to be additional buses to transport students?