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    6th Grade: World Cultures
    We hope you have a passport in learning, because we are traveling the world in sixth grade! In our World Cultures classes, students have the opportunity to explore global geography, economics, cultures, and history with investigative and hands on learning experiences. Our sixth grade World Cultures course is a wonderful opportunity to learn vocabulary unique to social studies and gain a foundation in historical concepts.

    Although the course is not a STAAR tested subject, it is important that students and parents understand that the concepts learned throughout the year must be mastered in order for students to be prepared for 7th Grade Texas History and perform successfully in 8th grade.

    Click HERE for a snapshot of 6th Grade World Cultures learning standards.

    7th Grade: Texas History
    Howdy y’all! If you’re ready to learn about the best state in the Union, welcome to seventh grade Texas History!

    During the fall semester, students will explore Texas’s vast geography, ancient history, indigenous cultures, historical relationship with Mexico and Spain, and the causes and events surrounding the Texas Revolution.

    During the spring semester, students will begin focusing on Texas’s role within the Union. As a result, students will be introduced and expected to master concepts that directly support learning standards that will be tested on the Social Studies STAAR test in 8th grade. Important concepts include, but aren’t limited to, principles of government, the American Civil War and Reconstruction, Mexican-American War and Westward Expansionism.

    Additionally, students will study aspects unique to Texas, such as our diverse economy, history and leadership in energy, limited government structure, and agricultural roots.

    Click HERE for a snapshot of 7th Grade Texas History learning standards.

    8th Grade: U.S. History
    This course examines the history of the United States beginning with colonization and continuing through Reconstruction. Students will learn that the history of the U.S. is a series of events that center on conflict and compromise. Emphasis will be placed on cause-and-effect scenarios as they relate to the social and political growth of the nation. Students will learn through a variety of hands on activities, interactive note taking and interpretation of historical documents.

    At the culmination of the course, students will be required to take the 8th Grade Social Studies STAAR exam. With hard work and dedication between teachers, students and parents, we have no doubt that all students will be capable of performing successfully.

    The year will be organized as follows:

    Click HERE for a snapshot of 8th Grade U.S. History learning standards.