Waller Jr. High Volleyball


    The volleyball program at Waller Junior High is a team effort between coaches, athletes, parents and with the support of the student body and staff of Waller Jr. High.

    • At WJH a student’s athletic career begins at the Junior High level. 
    • It is here they are taught, not only the skills of the game but, what it takes to be a team player and a leader. 
    • Our athletes are taught sportsmanship, team work, dedication and hard work. 
    • It is our goal to strengthen the character of each athlete as they progress through our program. 
    • Athletes are trained in the skills needed to be successful and prepare them to continue their athletic career at the High School level.

    kids laying in a circle Athletes have the opportunity to tryout and play on either the 7th or 8th grade A or B volleyball teams. The A & B teams practice after school 3 days a week and during the athletic class time. Teams compete 1 day a week, within the district, and will compete in 2 tournaments throughout the season.

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