• PE

    Waller Jr. High Physical Education program has adopted the CATCH PE program, which is a physical education program that develops health related fitness, skill competency and cognitive understanding about the importance of physical activity for all children.

    CATCH instruction provides a variety of learning experience which addresses the wide – range of the student’s ability in Physical Education. The content of CATCH PE enhances movement skills, sports skills, physical fitness, social and emotional development, and subsequently promotes lifelong physical activity. 

    Our primary purpose at WJH is to create healthy children and a healthy school environment. We believe that the CATCH program allows us to give to give your child the best knowledge to become a healthy individual.

    During the course year, your child will participate in multiple activities that will develop and enhance their cardiovascular efficiency, flexibility, and strength. Not only do we work on life long physical skills, but also we focus on the social, mental and emotional developments of your child. We believe these four components are what are needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    A few activities that your child may participate throughout the year are volleyball, football, basketball, soccer, track and field, Golf, Tennis, kickball, softball, kite flying, rhythm and dance, large group games and cooperative games. Waller Jr. High is also a member of the School Health Advisory Committee or SHAC. SHAC is a district wide committee that consists of staff members and administration from each school and parents of the community. The purpose of SHAC is to ensure our schools and communities are aware of ways to be healthy and to involve our community in the district schools health.