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    The Technology Application course includes the teaching and learning of technology skills and the use of computers and other related electronic tools.  In the Technology Applications class, the students will focus on creating, accessing, manipulating, utilizing, communicating, and publishing information during the learning process.

    Class Objectives:

    • Differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate uses of technology for teaching and learning while using electronic resources to design and implement learning activities.
    • Plan for the management of electronic instructional resources within a lesson design by identifying potential problems and planning for students
    • Demonstrate proficiency in the use of common input and output devices; solve routine hardware and software problems; and make informed choices about technology systems, resources, and services.
    • Use technology tools and information resources to increase productivity, promote creativity and facilitate academic learning.
    • Evaluate and select new information resources and technological innovations based on their appropriateness to specific tasks.
    • Use a variety of media and formats, including telecommunications, to collaborate, publish and interact with peers, experts, and other audiences.
    • Identify the benefits of technology to maximize student learning and facilitate higher order thinking skills.
    • Design and teach technology-enriched learning activities that connect content standards with student technology standards and meet the diverse needs of students.
    • Develop a portfolio of technology-based products from coursework, including the related assessment tools.
    • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the nature and operation of technology systems.

    Class Descriptions

    6th Grade - Introduction to Technology

    This class is an introductory class to Technology Applications. It will be taught based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills scopes and sequences for the 6th grade level. 

    The scopes and sequences are divided into two tiers, which are Foundations and Solving Problems. The topics that will be covered under the Foundations tier are Terminology/Acceptable Use Policy/ Societal Impact, Basic Operations, Keyboarding, and Networking. While the topics for the Solving Problems tier are, Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Databases, Multimedia & Graphics, Information Acquisition, and Communication. The contents from the above topics will be introduced, reinforced, mastered during the semester based on the applicable TEKS.

    During the semester, Students will be given the opportunities to demonstrate their learning in class by doing individual and group assignments, projects, and testing. The primary goal of the class is to prepare students well so that they may be technology savvy and that they will meet the requirements based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills guidelines at the end of the semester(s). 


    7th Grade - Intermediate Technology

    This class builds upon proficiencies students acquired from the Technology Applications course. It will be taught based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills scopes and sequences for the 7th grade level. 

    Students will integrate previously learned tools, such as word processing, multi-media, desktop publishing, and spreadsheets into cumulative projects. Students will use appropriate technology skills to conduct research and complete curriculum projects that reinforces and integrates core subject areas. Legal, social and ethical issues related to the use of computers in our daily life will continue to be reinforced.