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  • As a vital part of our school's quest to produce literate, productive citizens who are life-long learners, the Waller Junior High Library will provide:

    • A library program that supports and enriches the curriculum through the use of current resources and up-to-date technology.
    • A library program that encourages all students to become effective, ethical users of information resources.
    • A library program that encourages all students to join in a community of readers who share a love of books
    • A library program that assists students in developing critical thinking skills and becoming active learners.
    • A library program that provides physical access to information through carefully selected and diverse resources that represent a wide range of subjects, levels of difficulty and formats.
    • A library program that provides leadership, collaboration, and assistance to teachers and others in applying principles of instructional design to the use of instructional and information technology for learning
    • A library program that provides resources and activities for learning that represent diversity of experiences, opinions, and social and cultural perspectives and to support the concept that intellectual freedom and access to information are prerequisite to effective and responsible citizenship in a democracy.

    See Ms. Stevens for any needed logins or passwords
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