Title 1

  • Reading

    books Title 1 Reading support and intervention program exists to assist students in acquiring strong, basic reading skills, have a positive experience with reading, and ultimately to become independent readers.

    Our program provides direct reading instruction to students in a small group setting.  It directly addresses individual needs through differentiated instruction and instructional software. 

    Scientifically based research is the foundation for the systematic interventions that are used.  The five basic areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary) are integrated throughout the Title 1 Reading program.   

    Students who may receive reading support are identified based on their performance on reading screening tests throughout their elementary school experience.  Students who receive reading support qualify based on test scores, their classroom teacher’s recommendation and the reading specialist’s recommendation.


    math Our focus is on mastering the basic facts, math vocabulary and problem solving skills through a partnership with the classroom.  Students come to Title 1 math for extra help with improving their math skills.  We do lots of hands on activities in this classroom.