1st Grade

  • In first grade we prepare our students to be critical thinkers, problem solvers, and outstanding citizens.  We believe our students can learn at or above grade level and will have an equal opportunity to do so.  We ensure that the learning environment is safe and secure so that our students will achieve high levels of performance.


    Our Mathematics curriculum focuses on developing fluent student skills and conceptual understanding in the areas of number sense, adding and subtracting, organizing and analyzing data, and working with geometric figures.We use hands-on activities to make sure that our students grasp the real meaning behind the concepts.


    Building strong readers is our goal at Jones. We are working with our Balanced Literacy and Guided Reading Programs. Through them we are getting the students to understand fiction and non fiction texts like Dinosaurs Before Dark and From Seed to Plant.

    This year we are learning to:

    • Read with understanding and fluency
    • Figure out unknown words in context
    • Communicate in writing
    • Retell stories with accuracy
    • Correct ourselves while reading
    • Identify and spell many words
    • Recognize parts of a story
    • Read for more than pleasure 


    Our Science curriculum includes classroom and field investigations to help our students develop the skills of asking questions, doing research, making measurements, analyzing data, drawing conclusions, and communicating results