4th Grade

    Fourth grade Reading consists of an array of activities designed to prepare students to be life-long leisure readers as well as equip them with the qualifications needed to successfully complete the STAAR. TEKS are introduced and practiced through Reader's Workshop.  Exposure includes but is not limited to practice STAAR passages, small group instruction and technology connected games/activities. Diagnostic assessments are administered routinely and daily progress is noted and delivered home several times throughout the year. Students are challenged to demonstrate acquired mastery through self-created projects and presentations.


    In fourth grade math, students will demonstrate a plethora of activities, concepts, and critical thinking skills.  This year, problem solving and measurement were the main targets.  Hands on activities, real world connections, and creations of word problems in their own language helps to ensure this particular target is addressed.  However, mastery of multiplication facts, division 3 digit by 1 digit, understanding place value through the millions period and identifying fractions are (but not limited to) also expertise that as a fourth grade student you are adapted to.   Daily reinforcement of these concepts from parents, peers, and educators aids in providing the motivation, confidence, and determination that fourth grade students need to be academically successful.


    More than half of fourth grade science is lab based and tackles the hands on approach to learning.  Experimenting, demonstrating, and collaborating are all tools that students must use to gain the knowledge needed to carry out the components and processes of science.  The water cycle, practicing laboratory safety procedures, energy, electricity, adaptations and habitats are just a few of the many fourth grade science TEKS being discussed throughout the school year.
    Language/Composition Writing

    Here at Jones, we believe that writing is a clear expression of one’s feelings written on paper. Through writing students can express, inform, entertain, persuade and describe. The drive of our writing curriculum is the 4th grade Language Arts TEKS. To teach these skills we use Writers Workshop. Students are taught to use voice in their writing and take the reader on an "emotional roller coaster" throughout their compositions and essays. By the end of fourth grade, students will be knowledgeable, not only in the skills required, but also be able to fully and clearly express themselves in writing.