3rd Grade

  • Goals and Expectations:
    We expect every third grader to be a hard worker and try their best at everything we do. STAAR preparation is a crucial piece in our curriculum therefore it’s pertinent that our students focus daily in order to perform at a level of excellence on STAAR.

    We strive to build a solid foundation for each student to take with them to the next grade level.
    Our Year at a Glance:  Our third graders take part in a Balanced Literacy Program here at RRE.  Each chapter book that we read, also lends itself to aligned curriculum in Science and Social Studies. 
    The areas of science that we focus on are: Earth Science, Life Science & Physical Science
    Some of the units that we’ve studied this year include: Vacation Under the Volcano, Storm Chasers, Flat Stanley, Midnight on the Moon, Stellaluna, Molly’s Pilgrim, The Chocolate Touch, Too Many Tamales, If You Traveled West in a Covered Wagon, Various “Tall Tales,” Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, Stone Fox, Diary of a Worm, The Gadget War, Cezar Chavez, & The Hundred Dresses.
    The scope of our Math curriculum is very broad.  Some of the major objectives that our students are tested on include:  Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Measurement, Estimation, Reasonableness, Problem Solving, Patterns & Relationships, 3D Geometric Shapes & Probability & Statistics.