4th Grade

  • 4th Grade at a Glance

    Using a wide variety of non-fiction and literary text, our students acquire and develop critical reading skills such as inferences, summarization, and vocabulary acquisition to help them become stronger readers.

    Math-  4th graders use the basic math skills learned in previous grades to solve more complex problems involving concepts including fractions, decimals, multiplication, and division.
    Writing- In 4th grade, a major emphasis is placed on helping our students become better writers. By applying the basic rules of grammar, students organize and develop original compositions that reflect their creativity and originality.
    Social Studies-  Throughout the year our students explore the rich history of Texas. From their study of Native Americans and early settlers, the Texas Revolution, and the role of the cowboy, our 4th graders discover the uniqueness of our state and the impact that it has had on the world.
    Science – In preparation for the challenges facing our students when they move on to 5th grade, we continually focus on Physical Science, Earth Science, and Life Science by engaging in hands on experiments and from reading non-fiction text.
    Fourth Grade 4th Grade Highlights
    Waller County Ag Day
    Washington-on-the Brazos
    Hard Worker Bowling Party