5th Grade

  • Math

    Math - My expectations for my 5th grade math students at RRE are for them to develop a thorough grasp of all 5th grade math objectives set forth by the State of Texas, and hopefully to inspire them to see the relevance of the S.T.E.M. subjects in their lives. 
    1st Six Weeks - Multiplication, Division, Estimation, Place Value, Comparing Decimals, Adding & Subtracting Decimals
    2nd Six Weeks - Multiplying and Dividing Decimals, Prime & Composite Numbers, Order of Operations, Adding & Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
    3rd Six Weeks - Multiplying & Dividing Unit Fractions, Coordinate Plane
    4th Six Weeks - Conversion, Financial Literacy, and Geometry - Attributes of Shapes, Perimeter, Area, and Volume

    Our expectations and goals are for the students to have a good foundation of Science .                                        

    Earth Science – Earth/Sun/ Moon, Weathering and Erosion, Weather, Natural Resources, What happened before

    Life Science – Adaptations, Life cycles, Basic Needs, inherited traits and learned behaviors, food chains
    Physical Science – States of Matter, Properties of matter, Energy, Reflection and Refraction, Sound, Electricity and heat and conductors. 

    RRE 5th grade students are expected to be hard workers and learn study skills that will allow them to do well on the Science STAAR test which assesses their knowledge along with their ability to apply what they know to scenarios in science. This knowledge will lay the foundation for their future success in the learning of Science.

    In fifth grade, our goal is to grow lifelong readers. We analyze and comprehend fiction and nonfiction text and constantly remind ourselves that reading is thinking, while developing an appreciation of all genres. Students are encouraged to read independently, but we will read several novels together.  We take these beautifully written works and compare the similarities between the characters experiences and our own.

    I myself am an avid reader, and I gladly share my enthusiasm for literature with my students.  We thoroughly enjoy reading together. Having always been one who asks “Why do I need to know this”, I always show the students the reasons behind their work and why we do the things we do in class. I am constantly focusing on the real world applications of the techniques we practice. My goal is to help my students take charge of their learning and develop them into lifelong learners.
    Social Studies
    Social Studies will take our students on a long journey. Our students will travel in time from Native Americans to the exploration and discovery of new worlds leading to our colonization. Research, reading maps, recognizing landforms, and analyzing cultural and economic effects are some of the skills we will practice. The American Revolution and creation of a New Nation will also be part of our time line schedule. We will travel back to the 19th Century, study the Industrial Revolution, as well as inventions and discoveries. The Civil War and all the changes it brought forth will be a great experience.   We will study the United States and the world, World War I, World War II and all the events that are part of our History.