Title 1 Reading & Math

  • It is our goal that all children will become independent learners making math and reading meaningful in their everyday life.  As Title I teachers we believe that we best serve our students by varying instruction to meet individual student needs; promoting academic growth by providing challenging instruction that is both process and product oriented.  Because we differentiate instruction, each child is provided an opportunity to be a successful life-long learner.

    "Our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children" 
         - Walt Disney

    Title I Math is a support system that differentiates instruction for students at all grade levels.  Using the available data to create lesson designs for the individual child provides an environment that promotes confidence and success.

    Students practice the following:

    • New concepts introduced in the classroom
    • Remembering information
    • Mentally shifting from one task to the next
    • Developing essential perceptual skills
    • Developing fluency with mathematics facts
    • Maintaining positive attitudes toward learning mathematics
    • Selecting appropriate strategies to solve problems
    • Teaching vocabulary
    • Using concrete manipulatives to teach abstract concepts
    • Using multiple representations
    • Using real-world applications
    • Modeling problem solving
    • Promoting a positive attitude toward learning mathematics
    • Assisting students to develop strategies independently
    • Increasing students' exposure to material

    "Imagination is more important than knowledge"
         -Albert Einstein

    Title I reading is about helping struggling readers to learn to enjoy and look at reading in a new way.  We use computer technology, games, library time and small group instruction to accommodate individual learning needs.

    Students practice the following:

    • Developing vocabulary
    • Promoting fluency
    • Assisting students to develop strategies independently
    • Increasing students' exposure to material
    • Modeling meaningful discussions
    • Read 180
    • Imagine Learning
    • Promoting Silent Sustained Reading
    • Increasing exposure to reading aloud to others
    • Recording self while reading/practicing fluency and accuracy
    • Exploring diversity and culture