3rd Grade

  • The dynamic third grade team at Turlington Elementary is honored to be a part of such a wonderful school. It is our goal to help every student be successful academically and socially. Our team is truly "All About Kids.” We prepare them not only for their first year of STAAR tests, but also for transition to fourth grade. One of our favorite team quotes is “Turlington Teachers Rock!” We look forward to many years with our beautiful “Powerhouse" school.

    Reading Expectations

    • Progress in reading fluency and decoding skills
    • Independently apply decoding skills to unknown vocabulary
    • Progress in knowledge of reading comprehension skills such as main idea, summarizing, predicting, cause and effect, etc.
    • Apply reading strategies to independently monitor and check reading comprehension and fluency

    Math Expectations

    • Progress in math computation skills, addition through division
    • Apply math computation skills to word problems
    • Apply problem solving strategies to word problems
    • Master third grade math vocabulary

    Language Arts Expectations

    • Progress with third grade spelling skills
    • Apply knowledge of writing process
    • Progress in editing and revising skills
    • Demonstrate writing process through writing samples

    Science Expectations

    • Progress in science investigations through application of science tools and utilizing the scientific method
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Properties of Matter
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Earth Science
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the Planets and the Sun
    • Demonstrate knowledge of Living Systems  

    Social Studies Expectations

    • Demonstrate knowledge of communities
    • Learn problem solving skills for making decisions
    • Demonstrate knowledge of global communities
    • Progress in knowledge of United States government system

    I'm not a teacher, but an awakener - Robert Frost