Foreign Languages

  • Spanish 1 / French I
    An elementary introduction to the Spanish/French language beginning with oral Spanish/French of everyday life situations. It progresses to more difficult language patterns and a study of two simple tenses. Grammar patterns necessary for the comprehension of the language are studied. Speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension of the language are studied and experienced. Materials used include audiovisuals made by native Spanish/French teachers.

    Spanish 2 / French 2
    Grammar patterns are extended to include additional tenses. Reading lessons are concerned with the Hispanic/French nations, their history, culture, economy, etc. More time is devoted to reading and writing language than the first year. Speaking and comprehending the spoken language are still primary aims.

    Spanish 3 PAP
    Helps students acquire language proficiency while reviewing and broadening their grammar foundation. This course includes cultural readings and literary works by well-known Hispanic authors; the active
    use of drawings, maps, and real life experiences; and opportunities for students to express opinions and personalize the material. Activities are theme related and reflect grammar and vocabulary taught. Students must complete a Pre-AP contract and submit it at the time of course registration.

    Spanish 4 AP Language
    This course concentrates on oral communication skills, written communication skills, and reading skills. Activities are theme related and reflect the grammar and vocabulary taught. Literary works by well-known Hispanic writers are studied. The subtleties and nuances of the language and the “art” of translation are addressed in detail and a “refresher review”
    of grammar is also included. Students must complete an AP contract and submit it at the time of course registration.

    French III PAP

    Students of French 3 will perfect the structures learned in French 1 & 2 while also mastering more advanced grammatical structures. Students will read famous French fairytales and local myths and legends from over the French-speaking world. The goal of this course is to allow students to become more comfortable and fluent within the French language. It also exposes students to similar themes and skills that will be covered in French 4.

    French IV AP

    This AP course focuses on full language immersion and mastery. Almost no new grammatical structures are taught, as the main focus is ease and comfort of communication. Students will read and analyze the short novel Le Petit Prince, an integral part of French culture. A significant portion of the class will consist of preparation for the French Language and Culture AP Exam. We will thoroughly study many topics which fall under the 6 thematic units defined by the College Board.