Maintenance Department

  • Except for long-term construction or extensive roofing, personnel of the Waller ISD Maintenance Department assumes the responsibility for all maintenance-related jobs throughout the district:  custodial (including all cleaning jobs, large and small), grounds-keeping, construction, painting, welding, air conditioning and plumbing upkeep, and all electrical repair (which means keeping every motor, fan, switch, and outlet in the district working.)

    In addition, Waller ISD Maintenance Department personnel also keep track of every lock on every door, locker, and filing cabinet in the district - and they change an estimated 2500 light bulbs every school year!

    Jerri Barkley, Waller ISD Maintenance Department Secretary, handles 700-800 purchase orders per year; keeps all manuals involving state requirements updated; and serves as central dispatcher, keeping the daily operations of the department running smoothly with their knowledge of the skills and current location of each employee.

    The high percentage of work done in-house, which is accomplished by focusing on the hiring of quality, multi-skilled personnel, allows the Waller ISD Maintenance Department to maintain the optimum in both cost and time efficiency.