Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Jeffrey A. Ricken

I am Dr. Jeff Ricken and teach Health Science Technology at Waller High School.  I have been teaching for 15 years and practiced foot and ankle surgery for 39 years.  I went to many colleges including Stony Brook University in New York, Columbia University, University of Austria, Vienna and the New York College of Podiatric Medicine.  I enjoy exploring health care careers with students and getting them experience to help them find a career in the health care professions.  I am also an avid sailor, private pilot, motorcyclist, professional pianist and guitarist.  I write medical mystery novels, two of which have been published and screenplays. Those who succeed in my principles of health science technology course may wish to advance to the shadowing program in which we visit two dozen different sites for doctors' offices and facilities and students experience 200 hours of medical, nursing, health care time with professionals they may wish to work for or get further guidance from.  The fields we investigate and experience range from dentistry, veterinary medicine, surgery, pediatrics, physical therapy, child care, eldercare, rehabilitation, pharmacy, etc.  College and career guidance and how to pay for college are fundamental to my classes.  Suturing skills, injection techniques, and 7 certifications in health care skills are awarded in my classes and include CPR, defibrillation of the heart, emergency trauma care, medical billing and coding for working in medical offices, medical privacy laws and OSHA certifications along with blood borne pathogen handling and sterile surgical techniques.  My students' resumes for work ready skills are reflected in the resumes they build with me.  Field trips include visits to Sam Houston State U. , Rice U. , Lonestar College, etc.  We also manage the Waller High School blood drive and have been awarded the White House's Presidential Silver Eagle medals for our blood drives.