• Research confirms the value of early education for young children. The learning experiences of these early years can influence the rest of a child’s life and his/her learning and intellectual growth. Our Pre-kindergarten program and curriculum aligns with the Revised Texas Pre-kindergarten Guidelines. Our focus is to create a positive climate that supports children’s social, emotional, and academic development through a playful, purposeful, and meaningful curriculum and developmentally appropriate learning activities, which includes fine arts, physical development, and technology.

    Social and Emotional Development:
    • Follow rules and procedures.
    • Manage classroom materials.
    • Work and play appropriately with peers.
    Language and Communication:
    • Communicate with sentences of four or more words. Share ideas, feelings, and experiences through conversations and play.
    • Focus attention on a speaker during group instruction.
    • Listen and discuss stories read.
    • Enhance listening skills.
    • Expand vocabulary.
    • Participate in songs and finger plays.
    Reading and Writing:
    • Retell stories.
    • Name 26 upper case letters.
    • Name 26 lower case letters.
    • Recognize at least 20 letter sounds.
    • Produce the correct sound for at least 10 letters.
    • Write own name.
    • Produce rhyming words.
    • Produce words with the same initial sound.
    • Combine onset and rime to produce words.
    • Sentence segmenting.
    • Compound words.
    • Rote count from 1 to 30.
    • Recognize numbers 0-9.
    • Name and create five common shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and rhombus.
    • Sort objects.
    • Adding and Subtracting using concrete models.

    Science and social studies competencies are taught through thematic units and the children have the opportunity to reinforce skills in workstations specifically designed to support all subject areas and skills needed in the preschool years.
    The ˝ day Pre-K at FSE is part of The Texas Pre-kindergarten Limited English Proficiency (LEP) Pilot Program which is a two year program aimed at enhancing school readiness for English language learners. The purpose of the Texas Pre-kindergarten Limited English Proficiency LEP grant is to accelerate children’s first language and introduce English language skills, evaluate and document a successful program serving Pre-kindergarten children, using the Texas Early Education Model (TEEM) to provide research-based professional development, mentoring and  instructional activities to prepare ELL children to succeed in school.

    Pre-kindergarten Interactive Websites
    Letter Recognition, Interactive Books, and Word Games
    Literacy games in English and Spanish
    Teacher Resources
    Sesame Street: letters, numbers, shapes, patterning, health, and safety