Welcome to Technology Services

  • ImageWaller ISD strives to be a leader in all aspects of educational technology. District classrooms are connected by a high-speed fiber network and classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art digital technology to include interactive whiteboards, projectors, and laptops.

    Multiple mobile computer labs are available on each campus and students at all grade levels participate in challenging technology instruction. Individual classrooms are also equipped with multiple technology-based learning programs supporting instruction in reading, mathematics, science, and languages.

    District Technology Facts

    • Serve all 7,200+ students
    • Approx. 8,000+ computers used daily districtwide
    • 78 Servers
    • 32 Terabytes of storage used daily
    • Over 300 Terabytes of video storage
    • 18 Technology staff members
    • 1:1 iPads for Pre-K and Kindergarten, 1:1 Chromebooks for grades 1-12
    • Students and staff provided with G Suite tools to connect, create, access, and control data flow
    • WISDBYOD (bring your own device) filtered Internet access.
    • Gigabit pipe to the Internet
    • WISD has wireless access on all campuses
    • Skyward Student and Finance System
    • Classrooms equipped with document cameras and SMART Boards
    • Maintain 600+ security cameras districtwide
    • IP Telephone system 
    • The district supports a Union Library Catalog using a web-based library management program, Destiny.
    • Maintains a visitor control software system, V-Soft, is installed on each campus to track visitors, student late arrival / early departure, and staff sign in. The system also checks visitor IDs against national sex offender databases.
    • Numerous computer-based instructional tools to include Google Classroom, Eduphoria, ISTATION, Compass Learning, Edgenuity, StemScopes, BrainPOP, APEX and more! 
  • Rosa Ojeda  
    Rosa Ojeda
    Chief Information Officer

    Technology Center
    1914 Key Street
    Waller, Texas 77484

  • If you are Waller ISD staff and having a technology issue or need, please submit your request in The helpdesk and Eduphoria . Work orders are processed in the order received.