Tax Collection Data

  • Tax Rates
    The Tax Office has an excellent history of collecting property taxes on behalf of the District. The chart below is a summary of Tax Office collections for the last ten years.

    Taxable Values
    Taxable value is calculated by subtracting any exemptions, or special use valuations from the appraised value of real and personal property. The taxable value estimated for the year 2023 is $7,116,129,158 which is an increase of 21.39% over the 2022 tax year. The following chart provides an overview of the District’s Taxable Value over the last ten years.

    Top Ten Taxpayers
    The largest source of revenue for the District comes from tax collections on local property values. The chart below lists the District’s top ten major taxpayers as of August 31,2023.


    County Property Market Value Property Taxable Value
    Goodman Manufacturing (Daikin)   Harris  542,863,345 542,863,345
    BNP LLC (Daikin) Harris 249,530,094 243,602,808
    Bridgeland Development LP Harris  140,863,634 129,822,762
    DXC Technology Services LLC (HP) Harris  118,876,722 118,876,722
    Seaway Crude Pipeline Co LP Waller/Harris 71,563,230 71,563,230
    Flowchem LP Waller 60,787,570 54,878,488
    Centerpoint Energy Inc Waller/Harris 59,680,011 59,680,011
    Sealy Kickapoo Road LLC Harris 45,765,832 45,765,832
    LGI Homes Texas LLC  Harris 42,257,429 42,163,661
    PV Apartments INC  Waller  34,403,210 34,403,210