• Odyssey of the Mind


    Odyssey of the Mind is a creative problem-solving activity that has provided awarding challenges to students for decades.  Students in grades K-12 work in teams of from 5-7 members solving one of six long-term problems. Students work without adult outside assistance in solving the problems in ways that are complete, creative, and cool. The solution is given in an 8-minute presentation at Regional, State, and World Meets. Those same teams also work to build their skills in spontaneous verbal and hands-on problems that are given to them on the day of the competition.

    Grade Levels:        

    K - 12


    Houston-Area Regional OM Meet at Paul Revere Middle School in Houston (March 9, 2019)

         Schools from the Greater-Houston area compete.

    State OM Meet at Waller HS (April 7, 2019)

         Top teams from each region in Texas travel to the State Meet here at Waller HS.

    World OM Finals (May 22-25, 2019)

         Top teams from each state compete at Michigan State University at the World Finals.

    Waller History:

    After a several year absence, Odyssey of the Mind came back to Waller ISD in 2015-16.

    2015-2016  Teams from each of our five elementary schools competed at the district level. 

    2016-2017   We brought OM to our two junior highs along with all five elementary schools.  It was a rousing success. Over 200 Waller students from 37 teams, travelled to Houston to participate in the Houston-area Regional. It was an exciting day. It was a successful one as well.  Ten of those teams qualified for the State OM Finals held right were at Waller HS.

    2016-2017 State Finalist teams included: 

         Schultz JHS - 4 teams

         Waller JHS - 3 teams

         Turlington Elementary - 2 teams

         Fields Store Elementary - 1 team

    2017-2018  Both junior highs and four elementary schools participated. All-in-all, including our primary teams, Waller ISD had 29 teams and 180 students involved. Waller HS hosted the Regional Meet this year. Based on Regional success, nine of our teams advanced to the State Finals in Houston.

    2017-2018 State Finalist teams included: 

         Schultz JHS - 4 teams

         Waller JHS - 2 teams

         Turlington Elementary - 2 teams

         Holleman Elementary - 1 team

     More Information:

    This year, all eight schools (including Waller HS) will be involved. Waller HS will host the State OM Meet this year, trading duties with Paul Revere Middle School in Houston who will be hosting Houston Regionals.

    We need community volunteers to help us coach, judge, and manage our teams.  Please contact Julie Hill for more information.


    2018-2019 Long Term Problem Synopses

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