• Excellence Expo


    The Waller ISD Excellence Expo allows students to pose a question, do some research, and present their findings.  Students from all grade levels may work in teams or as individuals to search for the answer to their questions. These solutions are presented in the Waller HS cafeteria on an evening in May.

    In the past, students explored topics in Science, Engineering, Technology, Literature, and Entrepreneurship. Students have done exhibits, readings, games, computer presentations, and original product demonstrations. Two years ago, kids did readings from Dr. Seuss, historical presentations, and even demonstrations of arcade games they made using only cardboard. Last year, one of our schools had kids create and market original products.

    Grade Levels:        

    K - 12


    WISD Excellence Expo

         Waller ISD students present their answers to the questions they devised.


    Waller History:

    2016-2017 - First year for the Expo. Six of our schools participated in the event.

    2017-2018 - Second year of the Expo. Seven schools participated.


    More Information:

    This year, all eight schools will be involved. 

    It will be held on the evening of Thursday, May 23, 2019. 

    This is not a competition by any means. It is a chance for our students to explore and discover.

    Please contact Julie Hill for more information.