• Geography Bee


    Geography Bee allows students to study the world. Using a format similar to Spelling Bee, students will answer questions about places as close as Waller County, to places on each of the seven continents. Younger students will be given study guides that will help them on about half of their questions. Older students will receive an outline of topics to cover.   

    At the district meet, students will first take a 25 question (1 pt per correct answer) written exam. They will then proceed to the auditorium for a traditional five round bee (5 pts per correct answer). The scores from the two rounds are combined to create the final results.

    Grade Levels:        

    1 - 12


    School Qualifying Contests

         Each of our 8 schools will have a contest to select the school representatives.

         These typically take place in November.


    WISD District Geography Bee

         Elementary schools may enter 2 kids per grade level. Junior Highs and the High School may have 6 per grade level.

         This will take place Friday November 30th at Waller HS (8am-Noon).


    Texas State Geography Bee

         Each school may enter one student in the State Bee.

         This will take place Friday March 29th and is an on-line event.


    National Geography Bee

         The top students in the state advance to the National Bee.

         This will take place in June at the University of Maryland.


    Waller History:

    2015-2016 - In our first year we had 24 participants at the district meet representing 5 schools.

    2016-2017 - In our second year, we had 42 participants at the district meet representing 7 schools. 

    2017-2018 - In our third year, we had 65 participants at the district meet representing 8 schools.


    More Information:

    This year again, all eight schools will be involved. 

    The district meet will be held on Friday November 30, 2019. 

    National GeoBee Website

    National Geographic Daily Quiz

    National Geographic Study Corner

    Please contact Julie Hill for more information.