• Spelling Bee


    Spelling Bee has had a long and storied place in Waller ISD. For decades, students have participated in this event that features challenging words for kids of all ages. Waller offers students a chance to compete at multiple levels.

    Two different lists of words will be used for this contest - the Scripps list and the UIL list.

    In-school Spelling Bees will be conducted at each campus. In grades 1-8, all words come from the Scripps List. Each school will come up with a School Champion and a School Alternate. These two students from each school will continue to study Scripps words as they move forward. The School Champion will compete in the Regional Bee in February.

    The District Bee will be held in late January. Students from grades 1-12 will participate. In the District Bee, we will have a special Champion's Division. In this division, the school's top speller and alternate will participate. They will use words from the Scripps Spelling List.  In addition, schools may enter other students in grade-level competition. These students will use words from the UIL lists.

    Thus at the District Bee, elementary schools may bring 12 students - 2 in the Champion's Division plus 2 additional students in all five grade levels.

    Junior highs may bring 20 students - 2 in the champions division plus 6 each in the each of the three grades.

    The high school may enter up to 20 students.

    At the district meet, students will first take a 25 question (1 pt per correct answer) written exam. They will then proceed to the auditorium for a traditional five round bee (5 pts per correct answer). The scores from the two rounds are combined to create the final results.

    The Scripps list will be available from each school as soon as that school has registered. The UIL list is already available. Ask your school's Spelling Coach or send an e-mail to Scotty Johnson.

    Students in grades 9-12 always use the UIL Word Power Spelling List for that particular school year.


    Grade Levels:        

    1 - 12


    School Qualifying Spelling Bees

         Our elementary and junior high schools will have a contest to select the School Champion and School Alternate.

         These typically take place in November and December.


    WISD District Spelling Bee

         The School Champion and the School Alternate will participate in the Champions Division using Scripps words.

         In addition, each elementary school may enter 2 kids per grade level. Junior Highs may also have 6 per grade level. Waller HS may enter 20 total students. In these grade-level competitions, the UIL lists will be used.

         This will take place Friday, January 25th at Waller HS (8am-Noon).


    Regional Spelling Bee

         Each elementary school and each junior high will have one entry. The winner of this event will advance to the Greater Houston Spelling Bee sponsored by Houston Public Media.


    National Spelling Bee

         The top student at the Regional Bee will advance to the National Bee.


    Waller History:

    While we have had in-school competition for a very long time, our District Spelling Bee was brought back only three years ago.


    More Information:

    This year again, all eight schools will be involved. 

    The district meet will be held on Friday, January 25, 2019. 

     Scripps Website

    Please contact Julie Hill for more information.