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WJH Students Discover Opportunities at Lone Star College

Photo of WJH students at Lone Star College. Fourteen Waller Junior High (WJH) students were given an up-close look at the Lone Star College (LSC) Health Science Center in Tomball April 12. As part of TimberWOLF Day, LSC reserved spots for seventh- and eighth-grade students to tour the campus and gain insight into college life. With a limited number of spots available, interested students submitted applications detailing their future career interests for the chance to attend. WJH Counselors Lindsey Pasqua and Ireland Mueller worked with LSC to provide this opportunity to students.

“There are so many different careers out there that students need to be aware of so they can make an informed decision later in life when choosing a college, trade school, or profession,” Pasqua said. “Visiting colleges gets students excited about their future and gives them the motivation to do well.”

Students visited the Nursing, Surgical and Pharmacy Technology, and Occupational Therapy programs. At each stop, instructors outlined what to expect from the program and what careers in the field look like, including earning potential after graduation. They had the chance to ask questions and some participated in mock surgeries. In the Nursing Program, students witness how the program uses life-sized mannequins to simulate patients and how to mix medications in an IV bag.Photo of WJH students at Lone Star College

At the end of the tour, students heard from guest speaker Jason Johnston, who is in his last year of medical school at the McGovern Medical School at University of Texas Health. He spoke to students on why he chose to go into medicine, his school career, and the life of a medical student. He also shared some fun facts and his most interesting medical stories.

“I hope the students gained some insight into what different careers in the health science field entail,” Pasqua said.