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WJH Students Raise Awareness

Photo of WJH Student Council October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Waller Junior High (WJH) students did their part to increase awareness. The WJH Student Council held a campuswide competition that challenged students to collect coins and designate their donation to one of their campus leaders. The leader who received the most donations had to kiss a live pig during a pep rally!

“Mrs. Carrejo brought this idea to our attention and I thought it was a great idea to get students involved,” WJH Student Council Sponsor Hannah Caniff said.

In the running to kiss the pig, brought in by WJH student Brody Bolcik, was WJH Principal Tanya Carrejo and assistant principals, Andre Brooks and Joel Poag.

“At my previous school, people would get pied in the face and I was thinking why not try something different,” Carrejo said. “I wanted something that would keep kids interested and they love when staff gets involved.”

When asked, all Student Council members agreed on who they wanted to win.

“We all really want to see Mr. Brooks kiss the pig,” one student said. “I think he has the most money so let’s hope it happens.”

On the day of the pep rally, students banded together to put all their donations toward Brooks and achieved their wish of seeing him kiss the pig.

The money raised was donated to the iGoPink Breast Cancer Charity, whose mission is to eliminate breast cancer as a life-threatening illness. They provide resources and education on how to prevent and survive cancer, as well as assist with the basic needs of patients.