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Bond Advisory Committee Continues Work in Meeting 4

March 21, the 2019 Waller ISD (WISD) Bond Advisory Committee (BAC) completed its fourth meeting. After reviewing previous meeting content, they began to dive into facility-specific needs and how those needs correlate with projected enrollment as well as goals from the WISD Board of Trustees.

WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran shared details about the district’s long-range planning process that has included:

  • demographic study
  • WISD administration and campus staff collaboration
  • review of existing facilities, infrastructure, and, student needs
  • expert input
  • goals

He shared proposed projects and answered questions while tables discussed the information before turning the floor over the WISD Chief Financial Officer Mike Marcus and Financial Advisor Terrell Palmer of Post Oak Municipal Advisors. Palmer shared tax rate composition, state-mandated limitations on tax rates, and the potential implications of a November 2019 Bond Election, pending direction from the BAC and Board of Trustees.

Full March 21 Meeting Presentation
“I do not envy the decisions this committee has to make,” Moran said. “We have lots of existing needs to address and we can all see the growth that is coming. Our team has worked hard to think strategically in order to best serve the needs of our students while also being good financial stewards for our taxpayers. The work this committee is doing is critical for the future of our WISD family.”

All meetings of the BAC are open to the public to attend and all information/materials for each will be posted at The next meeting of the BAC will begin at 6 p.m. April 18 at Jones Elementary. Content of the April 18 meeting will include alternate bond scenarios, project details, high school cost breakdown, possible high school site plan, Waller Junior High rebuild concept, parity of junior high concept, and tax rate implications.