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Roberts Road ES Supports Autism Awareness Month

Robert Road Elementary Roberts Road Elementary (RRE) is working to support National Autism Awareness Month. Throughout April, RRE is hosting activities to teach students about autism and stimulate understanding in future generations. This is part of a nationwide effort dedicated to promoting autism awareness, inclusion, and encouraging people to collaborate in a movement toward acceptance and appreciation.

“Understanding autism and how to interact with people with autism comes from being exposed and being taught how to treat and talk with them,” RRE Counselor Courtney Kerlick said. “It starts at a young age, and there is no greater place than the classroom to start!”

RRE began their promotion on April 2, World Autism Awareness Day, with an introduction to what autism is and sharing some facts. Did you know one in 68 children have autism? On other days, students created door hangers, watched informational videos, and took part in a bubble autism celebration where they blew bubbles outside. Students also completed a puzzle activity where each student received a puzzle piece, which they had to connect to other pieces throughout the school. This demonstrated how each piece is unique but they all fit together to make something. Students and staff were also encouraged to wear blue on Fridays to “Light it up Blue,” in support of understanding and acceptance for people with autism.

“Children naturally want to be helpful. Give them that opportunity by encouraging them to be a buddy to someone with autism,” Kerlick said. “This month teaches about differences, acceptance, and understanding.”