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Fields Store Elementary Explores Career Opportunities

Photo of FSE Career Day Twenty professionals recently filled the Fields Store Elementary (FSE) gym to help teach students about possible future occupations during the school’s annual Career Day. Students from kindergarten through fifth-grade were able to attend and meet with professionals to learn as much as they could about each career. FSE Counselor Tonya Bronikowski created Career Day to help guide students as they begin to think about their own education, career, and development.

“We are really excited to expose our students to a variety of opportunities,” FSE Principal Melissa Crosby said. “It’s important for students to see careers and pathways at a young age.”

As students entered the gym, career representatives were set up at tables with information and items from their job. At each booth, FSE created posters detailing information such as job description, education needed, and tools of the job for that profession. Students were given career day passports to help prioritize four tables they wanted to visit. The passports listed all the careers presented and interview questions that students could choose from. This serves as a planning tool to teach students organizational skills.

“I hope this gives students an opportunity to start thinking about what kind of education is needed for their career interest, and sparks interest in something they did not have previous knowledge about,” Bronikowski said.

This is the third year FSE has hosted Career Day. Before planning begins, Bronikowski notifies FSE parents to see who would be interesting in presenting. Bronkowski also works campus contacts and uses the Waller Chamber of Commerce as a resource.

“We want to thank Mrs. Bronikowski for starting this tradition at our school,” Crosby said. “She does a phenomenal job putting this together every year.”