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HES Students Get a Kick Out of TaeKwonDo

Photo of HES students For the second consecutive year, Martial Arts USA located in Cypress has volunteered time to work with students at Holleman Elementary (HES) during physical education (PE) classes. Jan. 30-31 kindergarten through fifth-grade students participated in a 50-minute TaeKwonDo experience led by the instructors of the school.

“I’m so excited to do karate,” one second-grader said as he entered the gym to participate in the demonstration.

During the class, students learned about respect, concentration, coordination, confidence, self-defense, and even a little of the Korean language. All things the programs at Martial Arts U.S.A. focuses on teaching children. Master Nathan led the students through a series of controlled stretches, upper body, and lower body movements. With each move, students learned to count, say thank you, and other basic language.

“Martial arts is great for the physical and mental development of kids,” HES PE teacher Eva Horton said. “I love providing this opportunity for all of our kids to experience something that is new and different to most of them. They’re so excited and we’re so thankful that Martial Arts USA prioritizes these kinds of community partnerships that really impact our kids.”

To end the demonstration, Master Nathan talked with the students about the negative impact of bullying and importance of friendship and leadership. They wrote negative words on a board and then, after instruction, a teacher symbolically broke the board while the students cheered.

“Even though this is only our second year with the program our students are already looking forward to it each year,” Horton said.

Martial Arts USA is providing all HES students and their family, friends, and neighbors the opportunity to take a trial class Feb. 4-7. Interested participants may also sign up for a two-week trial for $20. All proceeds will be donated back to HES.