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Did you know? Library update.


Did you know our library has changed this school year? Well, if you did not already know about the changes, then let me tell you what is going on in our Library. 

This year, we have a new librarian, Mrs. Politsch, and we have added makerspace to our library. 


What is a Makerspace? Why are our students participating?

Makerspaces are different activities that provide hands-on experience for our students. They allow creativity and encourage student design, experimentation, invention, building, engineering, and coding. These flexible thinking activities also create collaboration through problem-solving skills and knowledge. Students are able to dream and create new ideas with materials provided to them in the library. Mrs. Politsch engages our students with hands-on learning and exploration where students can take ownership of their work and projects. Our makerspace provides students with readily-available materials to provoke inquiry through exploration, as well as the use of modern technology. 


What makerspace activities do we provide our students?

At Holleman Elementary, we have incorporated several new activities in the library this year. Our makerspace includes: Ozobots, LittleBits, Legos, DIY Stations, iPad exploration, Code and Go Robot Mouse, Snap Circuits, Osmo Masterpiece, Osmo Tangrams, Osmo Words, Osmo Letters, Osmo Coding, Osmo Newton, Scratch Jr., and Tynker. 


ozo  flexi

osmo   lego