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Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures


Rainy Day Dismissal Procedures


It seems like every week or so, lately, we have had rain at dismissal or the threat of rain.

I wanted to take a minute to officially share our plans for Rainy Day Dismissal.


Bus Riders

There is no change for you if your child rides the bus. At school, we route the students through the school and under the covered entrance and load the students where they are mostly covered. I would think that the busses may run a little slower on those days due to safety concerns.


Car Riders

The students who are picked up from school by a parent or guardian follow the same process as every day and we ask you to follow our everyday procedures as well. The change comes in the speed at which we can load students. We load a few cars at a time when it is raining. We do not want the students to be soaked by the time they get to the car. Please be patient and know we are working as quickly as possible.



Our students who are in the Walker line have the most change to their daily procedure. Please know that we will not walk students in hard rain or if there is lightning in the area. Safety is our first concern. If it is sprinkling, we usually walk the students across the road. If we cannot release walkers due to rain, we ask that you get in the Car Rider Line. Every family was given Car Rider Tags at the beginning of the year. Please keep those in your car so that in inclement weather you can get into the car rider line.


Changes to Transportation

For the past couple of years, we have asked that changes be made in the morning for transportation. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. There are emergencies, but most plans are made in the morning. Hopefully, the students have been told about the changes so he/she can be prepared. If a note is also sent in the morning, things rarely get confused.


Our front office is a busy place in the afternoon. We have parents checking out students, the phones are ringing and many other things pop up. When you wait until late in the day to call, it complicates the process for your student. As hard as we try, we cannot drop everything to deliver numerous notes every afternoon. When you think about it, we should only be dealing with a few emergency situations on a daily basis. Instead, we have about 20 changes on a daily basis. Stormy days multiply the issues. Please help us by sending notes with your children in the morning and making change by phone rarely and early in the day.





Michael Skinner, Principal