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Roberts Road Elementary Encourages Self-Growth

Photo of RRE Project Beauty members Roberts Road Elementary (RRE) is motivating girls to improve their self-confidence through Project Beauty, a year-long program for third- through fifth-grade girls designed to strengthen their leadership, power, self-esteem, and voices. Project Beauty, now in its inaugural year, was created by third grade teacher Shakevia Hines. Hines was inspired to create Project Beauty after dealing with confidence issues in her youth and noticing students going through the same problems.

“I created Project Beauty in order for our girls to learn how to be girls, grow in their self-confidence, and have a positive mentor to guide them in the right path,” Hines said.

To join Project Beauty, parents completed an application detailing why they felt their child would benefit from the program. Over 80 applications were returned then Hines, along with other RRE counselors and teachers, had the difficult job of assessing the applications and selecting 28 participants. At weekly meetings, participants write self-reflection journals and participate in activities based on a new topic. Overall, it is teaching girls how to lead in the future and be empowered.

“I felt it would be a good environment for me and I could learn positive leadership qualities,” one student said.

“I wanted to feel included. I’ve been feeling down about myself lately and I thought this would help,” another added. “Mrs. Hines has taught us that it is okay to not be okay all the time.”

The program has received an incredible amount of support from students and families. Parents have expressed their amazement at the difference they see in their daughters. It has even improved relationships at home.

“My sister and I would fight often but I’ve learned to keep my temper down and remember that at the end of the day, I still love her,” one said.

“I go home and discuss things I’ve learned with my family. I feel more inspired when I talk with my mom and dad and notice that this is something they care about,” another added.

Hines credits part of the success of the program to help received from RRE and Waller ISD staff members. Staff from throughout the district have volunteered their time and resources to support Project Beauty and its participants.

"In the short amount of time this program has been going on at RRE I have seen these girls bloom. They are proud of themselves and what the group is accomplishing,” RRE Principal Amy Carranza said. “Ms. Hines has a special place in her heart for seeing that all students belong.”

Applicants who were not selected for Project Beauty due to space available are not left out. Each is working with a mentor or teacher to grow personally and as students. RRE hopes to expand Project Beauty in the future and be able to accept more applicants.