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WISD Geography Bee Showcases Student Knowledge

Each year Waller ISD’s five elementary and two junior high schools compete in a campus and districtwide Geography Bee. Winners from each school compete to advance to the district competition and have the opportunity to compete for the title of grade-level champion. Nov. 30, at the district meet, 68 elementary and junior high students competed in the District Geography Bee. As part of the competition, they took a 25 question written exam on World Geography followed by four rounds of traditional bee-style questioning. Congratulations for the following District Champions who advanced:

  • First Grade: Peyton Christensen (Jones Elementary/JES); Runners Up: Ce'Landria Dean (JES), Mia Stark (Fields Store Elementary/FSE), Dane Smith (Holleman Elementary/HES), and Vaughn Robertson (HES)
  • Second Grade (7-way tie): Branden Harrison (JES), Chloe Morgan (FSE), Halie Humphries (HES), Leena Dickison (JES), Jack Macha (HES), Lucas Velasco (HES), and Zaria Whorton (HES); Runners Up: Rayland Davis (HES), Jamie Soknich (Turlington Elementary/TES), Jordan Samuel (FSE), and Sawyer Green (TES)
  • Third Grade: Neloy Mottalibe (JES) and Madoc Klein (FSE); Runners Up: Karter Lutz (JES) and Rene Machuca (HES)
  • Fourth Grade: Ismael Loredo (HES) and Wyatt Leach (FSE)
  • Fifth Grade (five-way tie): Aracely Lopez (JES), Dean Duhon (FSE), Kami Hughes (HES), Lucas Gutierrez (JES), and Kendall Compton (TES)
  • Sixth Grade: Yoshio De Los Rios (Waller Junior High/WJH) and Angad Toor (WJH)
  • Seventh Grade: Favio Rodriguez (Schultz Junior High/SJH) and Najia Mottalibe (SJH)
  • Eighth Grade: Champion Eric Gomez (SJH); Runner Up: Carson Webb (WJH)