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Waller ISD: Student Scoop

Waller ISD (ISD) values student voice. In past years, leaders have hosted a roundtable discussion with students from each of the district’s eight campuses to gain feedback and insight. This year, WISD is taking a different approach. Instead of a closed-door roundtable discussion, students are becoming reporters for a talk show-style panel discussion with district leaders. Each WISD campus has identified a student reporter for the show called “Student Scoop.” Each episode will focus on a different topic.

“The kids asked some great questions and were entertaining at the same time,” WISD Superintendent Kevin Moran said. “It was great time to talk, build relationships, and get authentic input.”

The goal of “Student Scoop” is to get feedback and input from students while also providing them an opportunity to get to know district leaders and learn about how school works. Look for “Student Scoop” on the WISD website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. New episodes will be released periodically throughout the school year.

Episode 1: Why be a superintendent?

Episode 2: What did you do before you became superintendent?

Episode 3: What's your favorite food?

Episode 4: Technology and Short Shorts

Episode 5: What's your favorite movie?