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WHS Claims UIL Invitational Sweepstakes

Photo of Waller High School UIL Academic team Waller High School’s (WHS) UIL Academic team has been working hard to prepare for competition. Their effort paid off Dec. 15 at the Ennis High School UIL Invitational where the team won Sweepstakes Champion. They competed in 23 events against 29 schools. Students are awarded for placing in the top six of individual events and top two in team events.

In team awards, the Accounting and Social Studies teams took first place while the Computer Science and Spelling teams took second. Accounting team members were Anna Sherar, Jenny Chiem, Ingrid Machuca, and Jackie Chiem. Social Studies team members were Jonathan Cruz, Julian Juarez, Iris Reyes, and Cole Holladay. Computer Science team members were Laura Duncan, Collin Sorge, Zachary Gray, and Aliya Merchant. Spelling team members were Lucas Johnson, Rosa Sanchez, Julian Juarez, and Elizabeth Ward.

Individuals competed in Accounting, Calculator, CompSci, Computer Applications, Copy Editing, Current Events, Feature Writing, Headlines, Mathematics, News Writing, Number Sense, Persuasive Speaking, Prose Interpretation, Social Studies, and Spelling. Congratulations to the following individual award winners!

Accounting: Anna Sherar (first), Jenny Chiem (third), and Ingrid Machuca (sixth)
Calculator: Zachary Gray (first) and Austin Hyatt (sixth)
Computer Science: Laura Duncan (sixth)
Computer Applications: Cole Holladay (first) and William Misak (sixth)
Copy Editing: Isabelle Molinas (third)
Current Events: Jonathan Cruz (fifth)
Feature Writing: Danielle Fehrenbach (fourth)
Headlines: Isabelle Molinas (third) and Luna Simpson (sixth)
Mathematics: Zachary Gray (third)
News Writing: Danielle Fehrenbach (fourth)
Number Sense (grades 9-10): Zachary Gray (third) and Caleb Godfrey (sixth)
Number Sense (grades 11-12): Laura Duncan (third)
Persuasive Speaking: Michaela Dixon (fourth) and Ethan Jorn (fifth)
Prose Interpretation: Luna Simpson (first)
Social Studies: Jonathan Cruz (first), Julian Juarez (third), and Iris Reyes (fifth)
Spelling: Lucas Johnson (first)